Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers truly care about their students and they are committed to providing a learning experience that fosters and develops a life-long love of music.

Name Instrument Graduated School
Gayane Burnazyan Violin Yerevan Conservatory
Andrew Lessman Drum
Asher Lee Vocal(pop)/Keyboard
Grace Lim Piano Rice / USC
Javier Morales Clarinet USC
Joong In Rhee Cello/Piano/Violin Indiana/Yale
Rebecca An Piano USC
Sharon Lee Piano Sanfrancisco/USC
Soojin Park Piano UCLA
Sunwoo Han Drum Berklee College of Music
Timothy Lewis Piano Indiana/CSUN
Yuli Kwon Oboe/ Piano USC
Yung Mee Rhee Piano Indiana
Ji Hyun Kang Piano CSUN
Alexander Knecht Violin/Viola USC
Gloria Choi Flute/Piano CSUN
Jonathan Sim Guitar USC

Sunwoo Han

Music Production

Kathy Stokes

Piano & Voice

Grace Lim


Timothy Lewis