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Youth Orchestra

Sponsored by the Image International Music Festival

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Why Choose
the Image International Music Festival?

All the of the ensembles are newly formed by Yung-mee Rhee, founding director of the Image International Music Festival and La Cañada School of Music.

Young musicians now have the opportunity to play and learn new music, make new friends and most of all, accomplish a new way of playing in an ensemble.

La Cañada Youth Orchestra

at least 4 or more years of experience

La Cañada Ensemble

less than 4 years of experience

The Young Virtuoso

at least 5 or more years of experience

Our Gallery

2012 Concerto Concert:

Annette Lee with the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra

2019 Summer Recital:

IIMF Ensemble

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Congratulations to the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winner, Yoona Lee

Congratulations, Yoona!! We are so proud of Yoona for receiving Bronze in the President's Volunteer Service Award!  We are proud to announce that Image International…


Hello parents and students, We are excited to announce that beginning in November, we will be hosting monthly student workshops at our school! Each month…

Thank you!

Every participant of the summer recital showed great efforts during the recital, and are encouraged concerning the next recital as well.

Join us for the orchestra experience of a lifetime

Located in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, IIMF’s goal is to provide a well-rounded orchestral experience to musically dedicated young musicians.